Move beyond the cloud

DXOS is a developer platform for building beautiful, local-first, collaborative applications.


DXOS is an application framework, a development platform, and a toolchain that enables developers to build local-first, multiplayer applications.

Real-time data replication

Data is reactively shared via ECHO, a database that synchronizes your data across all the devices that your app is running on. It runs client-side and replicates transparently. Interact with plain ol' Javascript objects; no ORM necessary.

Local-first; offline ready

No internet? No problem. Data is stored on device, in-browser. Local changes are always snappy. Go to the woods, get some work done, reconnect, and catch up without conflicts.

Multiplayer by default

Replication works across users while CRDTs enable collaboration over the same data in real time. Build multiplayer experiences for free.

Identity at the core

Data always belongs to someone, not the app. ECHO uses asymmetric-key cryptography to secure User data from the first write, in transit, and at rest. No more passwords.

No cloud infrastructure

ECHO clients exchange data peer-to-peer over WebRTC. The framework handles all the tricky networking logic. No cloud infrastructure required.

Apps work together

Data belongs to the user, and is stored in their spaces, separate from the application. Multiple apps can interoperate over the same data. No APIs. No RPC. The exact same data.

ECHO: A fast and simple peer-to-peer database

Secure and scalable realtime data

DXOS incorporates a unique internet-scale graph database, ECHO, that supports indexed queries and subscriptions, structured data, and powerful data consistency algorithms that enable realtime applications and collaboration. This combines the power of cloud-based databases with the privacy and resilience of peer-to-peer networks.

Designed for developer productivity

The DXOS platform provides a comprehensive set of APIs and tools that are as simple to use as existing Web frameworks. This enables developers to build full stack apps without prior knowledge of decentralized technologies.


HALO's Logo


HALO manages digital identity, collaboration, and access to applications, databases, and network devices. The HALO keychain works across devices and is seamlessly integrated into all DXOS applications.

ECHO's Logo


ECHO enables secure and scalable realtime databases that are used by applications and network services. ECHO incorporates transparent data replication and conflict resolution techniques that power realtime collaborative applications.

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MESH extends existing internet protocols to enable secure and resilient peer-to-peer networks. MESH enables privacy-preserving networking operations without centralized infrastructure.


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