Realtime local-first applications

Free from the cost and constraints of cloud infrastructure.


A fully local database provides an instant-on app experience, especially when combined with PWA or hybrid app architecture.

Realtime multiplayer

Conflict Free Replicated Datatypes at the heart of the platform enable multiple concurrent writers to operate on the same data without data loss or conflicts.


The database being client-side and peer-to-peer, there is no need for any server infrastructure, besides serving the application client itself.

Decentralized technology


ECHO enables secure and scalable realtime databases that are used by applications and network services. ECHO incorporates transparent data replication and conflict resolution techniques that power realtime collaborative applications.


HALO manages digital identity, collaboration, and access to applications, databases, and network devices. The HALO keychain works across devices and is seamlessly integrated into all DXOS applications.


MESH extends existing internet protocols to enable secure and resilient peer-to-peer networks. MESH enables privacy-preserving networking operations without centralized infrastructure.

Collaboration made easy

DXOS provides the SDK, tools, and decentralized infrastructure to build collaborative applications that work offline and sync seamlessly.

Use the Client API to take care of identity, data, synchronization and networking.
Decentralized graph database
Data is stored in a graph that is automatically synchronized across devices.
React bindings based on signals help re-render components automatically and only where necessary.
import { Client } from '@dxos/client';

// create a client
const client = new Client();
// create or join a space
const space = client.spaces.default;
// create objects
const object = space.db.add({ text: 'anything' });
// mutate objects directly
object.text = 'anything else';
// changes propagate to connected clients automatically

Built with the help of our friends and partners.

EffectEffectInk & SwitchInk & SwitchSocket SupplySocket Supply


To demonstrate DXOS, we built Composer, an extensible, collaborative application for small teams.

Composer supports small teams working together on documents, presentations, and data-driven workflows. Users organize data into Spaces, which can be shared with different people.
Composer works offline and runs in the browser or as a standalone app on desktop and mobile platforms.
Composer was built with developers in mind. Anyone can create or modify components and plugins to extend its functionality.


The DXOS Community is made of a diverse group of open source developers from all over the world.

Cities worldwide
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