Build Cloudless, Collaborative Software

DXOS provides developers with everything they need to build real-time, collaborative apps which run entirely on the client, and communicate peer-to-peer, without servers.

DXOS applications work offline, share state instantly when online, and leave end-users in control of their data and privacy.

Realtime local-first applications


A fully local database provides an instant-on app experience, especially when combined with PWA or hybrid app architecture.

Real-time multiplayer

Conflict Free Replicated Datatypes at the heart of the platform enable multiple concurrent writers to operate on the same data without data loss or conflicts.


The database being client-side and peer-to-peer, there is no need for any server infrastructure, besides serving the application client itself.


All data is stored in an append-only CRDT allowing offline users to recover gracefully when they return online, reconciling their changes with the rest of the swarm.


Since data never travels to any servers, end-users enjoy total privacy by default. The database is isolated from any application using it, allowing users to credibly exit any application without losing data.


Multiple applications on the same device share the database instance, enabling deep, real-time interop between apps without transforming formats or dealing with APIs.

A new platform for realtime collaboration

Composer is an extensible open-source platform for realtime collaborative applications.

Productivity is lost in the boundaries between apps. Having to track knowledge across chat, document apps, work tracking systems, and other apps separately creates busy-work searching for things and copy-pasting links.

Every surface is extensible. Multiplayer and offline-first collaboration by default. Universal drag and drop. Free, hackable, and private.

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ECHO's Logo


ECHO enables secure and scalable realtime databases that are used by applications and network services. ECHO incorporates transparent data replication and conflict resolution techniques that power realtime collaborative applications.

HALO's Logo


HALO manages digital identity, collaboration, and access to applications, databases, and network devices. The HALO keychain works across devices and is seamlessly integrated into all DXOS applications.

MESH's Logo


MESH extends existing internet protocols to enable secure and resilient peer-to-peer networks. MESH enables privacy-preserving networking operations without centralized infrastructure.

Focused on developer productivity

TypeScript SDK

NPM packages and TypeScript SDKs for Node.js and the browser.

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React Bindings

A library of hooks and convenience wrappers for React developers.

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Docs & Tutorials

Step by step guides, developer guide, and API documentation from source.

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Developer tools

Browser dev tool provides visibility into the state of DXOS runtime components.

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UI Components

Accessible, responsive React components made of Radix and Tailwind. Pre-built UI flows for identity and sharing,

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A headless peer which is always available to track other peers coming and going, providing availability and stability to your data.

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